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Fantastic .. Indonesia Rank 2 up for World’s Highest Growth

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Indonesia Ranking 2 Tertinggi Pertumbuhan Facebook di Dunia
Facebook users in Indonesia to grow so fast, and is currently ranked the world’s second fastest growth of the number of users. Indonesia only to lose to the U.S. which is also the largest in the world Facebok users.

Based on surveys conducted Inside up an e-marketer, the number of users up in Indonesia rose 1,431,160 million users in the last month. On December 1, 2009, e-marketers have noted the number of users up in Indonesia 13,870,120 users, while on January 1, 2010 amounted to 15,301,280 users. Indonesia is only one rank below the U.S. which recorded an increase in the number of users 4,576,220 users in the same period from 98,105,020 to 102,681,240 users.

Nevertheless, the percentage increase in the number of Facebook users in Indonesia reached U.S. doubled. Indonesia rose 10 percent, while the U.S. only 5 percent. Increase of 10 percent including the highest growth percentage in the world. Apart from Indonesia, some countries that reach 10 percent increase in the percentage of among others the Philippines and Malaysia.