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Expectations In iPhone 5

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iPhone 4 have been known as the best device during second quarter of 2011, means iPhone 5s are expected to surpass the ancestor. People keep speculating what will surprise them in the new gadget. iPhone 5 will released with dual core processor, A5. This news make consumer expect a process and programs in the gadget will run nine to ten time’s faster, make the phone more handy and convenient. The A5 processor said will suck more battery usage, and it needs to be balanced by the gadget’s size, so people expect the dimensions of the gadget are at least same with its ancestor. It surely will satisfy the game lover customer, make them able to play high quality game just by flip the gadget.

In iPhone 4, a drastic improvement in its displaying screen have been made, with so called retina display. High expectation to be made is the upcoming gadget will make bigger improvement, like allowing the user to play videos with sharp display. 5 MP cameras in iPhone 4 are not satisfying some customer, so they expect 8 MP cameras to take better picture and record videos.

NFC technology, said will be launched in iPhone 5, let the user pay goods by waving the gadget near the sensor. It seems will make a limited usage, in America only for example. It seems like a narrow chance to do crime and monopoly practice, and better be replaced with other universal application

 The last but not least expectation made is, the iPhone 5 released soon.