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Engagement Ring Shape The Fit Your Personality

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Engagement Ring Kate Middleton

Engagement Ring Kate Middleton

Choosing an engagement ring is not easy. Many things are considered. Starting from the price, form, to the suitability of taste. It turns out the engagement ring selection is also able to describe how your personality, relationship with spouse and wedding styles.

Just look at how that picture of a ring shape as reported from

1. Oval ring
Your Style: Very Exclusive
Relationships: Always together and difficult to separate
Weddings: Full color and soothing. Not too many details

2. Round Ring
Your Style: Traditional. You always want to look similar.
Relationships: Your best friend got married. Wedding trip will be full of sharing jokes. You really enjoy it.
Weddings: Relaxed and romantic. Will be full of planning to prepare, but the results will be very satisfactory.

3. Classic-cut Diamond Ring
Your Style: Socialite very reliable
Relationships: You are the girl of his dreams. The he is amazing man
Wedding party: a party atmosphere will be very enjoyable. Infectious happiness of your marriage on everyone.

4. Cushion-cut Ring
Your Style: You really know what is most fitting. Elegant classical style.
Relationships: Couples receive as you are
Weddings: Very elegant and classic shades. The photos will not be cracked at meal times.

5. Princess-style Ring
Your Style: Romantic and love anything that shines
Relationships: Couples treat you like a princess
Weddings: It may not take the train a horse or wearing a light dress. But you’ll feel like a wedding in a kingdom.

6. Pear Shape Ring
Your Style: Classical, with a unique touch
Relationships: Self, but a full commitment. You and your partner always support each other.
Weddings: Contemporary, chic and trendy. Full of color and unique.

7. Ring of Passion
Your Style: Classic Glamor
Relationships: He puts you on in a place that lets you shine. He is also not afraid to help you laugh at yourself.
Weddings: Very glamorous. You will create an atmosphere that was never forgotten by the invitation.

8. Ring Heart Shape
Your Style: Romantic and Elegant
Your Relationship: Couples who really know what you want and he always wanted to make you smile
Weddings: beautiful dress, beautiful hall, and there will be ice sculptures at weddings. Not too much detail and that is what you want.