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Typical extensions Indonesia in Google Chrome

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To encourage the use of Indonesia’s Chrome browser, Google does not just translate all the menus are in Bahasa Indonesian. Google also encourages the development of local content specific to Indonesia in the browser.

How? Chrome browser seems to have been equipped with a feature called extension that allows anyone to add additional applications. Currently there are dozens of applications typical of Indonesia that could be used as an extension of Google Chrome.

One application provides direct navigation menu to access the latest news updates from Google Chrome users who install extensions can mngintip teraktual news without having to open a new page or tab and type in the address Only with a pulled right-click the icon at the top of the browser, will appear a list of recent articles in the rubric and canals and just select that interesting to be displayed in a new tab.

Another extension of the theme to change the background image browser Chrome. There is now some theme like idol figures Persija striker Bambang Pamungkas, artist Dian Sastrowardoyo, Benny & Mice cartoon characters, and themes bautan WWF Sumatran tigers. There is also information fil of Cineplex, Kaskus, and Sky News.

“We want this extension continues to increase into the thousands again and again,” said Andrew McGlinchey, Head of Product Management Google Southeast Asia on the sidelines of a press conference the launch of Google Chrome version of Indonesia in Jakarta, Tuesday (22/06/2010).

According to Andrew McGlinchey, support for local content is one key to success selaun browser speed, practicality, and safety. Google also has made Indonesia as one of the important market today.

“Pertunbuhan Internet users in Indonesia is very high and there is still much we can do here,” he said. Every time new product launches, continued Andrew McGlinchey, Google will attempt to bring in the local version to potential markets such as Indonesia.

The growth of Google users in Indonesia was recognized as very high. Andrew claims, the number of users of Google services in Indonesia are still growing double digits every year without mentioning the exact number.