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Dulmatin Ascertained Died

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After being preceded by the President, the police finally revealed data that ensures the identification of victims killed in Pamulang yesterday, one of which is Dulmatin.

“Image X 001 is 100 percent correct by nearly 100 percent accuracy rate with an error rate to 1,000 trillion, can be accounted for in a professional manner is Dulmatin alias Yahya Ibrahim alias Joko Pitono Masykur eyebrows,” said Chief of Police during a press conference at police headquarters on Wednesday (10 / 3 / 2010).

Regarding the chronological identification, Head of the Police Commissioner Pol Pusdokes Musadek Isaac explained that his party yesterday afternoon was to identify by using Interpol Identification Procedure.

“The steps we have done is to collect secondary data in the form of physical signs, fot-photos and superinfus. We get things like moles identical, eyebrows and chin shape, “said Musadek.

The next step, he added, is used to match the primary data superinfus ie fingerprints and DNA data base.

“Match three with a comparison of DNA Masriani Mrs. Usman Ali 60 years and 12 years. After the match we were almost 100 percent match with the DNA profile data base we have, “he explained.