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Canon PowerShot S100 Specification and Reviews

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5 new camera from Canon is ready to enliven the digital camera market. The one that seized the attention of the series PowerShot S100.  The form is compact as compact cameras in general, not directly proportional to the technology they possess. He is far more superior than other compact cameras.

Just look, the Canon S100 is equipped with a CMOS 12.1 MP and 5x Optical Zoom. CMOS sensors are frequently encountered in camera DSLR, but Canon stuffed in this camera so that light is captured by him more.

Sensitivity of the light receiving area can even catch 1.44 times as much light entering the course, this is very helpful shooting in low-light conditions.

The picture quality is super clear claim is also supported by the use of a lens with f/2.0 aperture which is identical with the fast lens. Utilization Digic 5, the progress of the Digic 4 previously used Canon, also makes the picture quality is no longer in doubt.

With Digic 5, even though the user photographed by using the high ISO 6400, noise aka spots generated in the photo is very minimal.

One that should be underlined is that the Canon PowerShot S100 not only produce photo JPG format only, but he was able to produce RAW format, a format that is usually only produced a DSLR camera.

RAW format allows users to process images more freely because he is still a photo ‘raw’ aka the original camera sensor output.

With the help of RAW processing software, users are free to adjust saturation, contrast, white balance, and others. The result was not experienced when wearing compression as JPG format.

The camera even this last function that is High-Speed ??Shooting with full resolution, and supports HD quality video recording and Manual Control.

Canon PowerShot S100 which has a pop-up flash is present together with the Canon Ixus 1100 HS, HS Ixus 230, PowerShot SX40 HS and PowerShot SX 150 IS.