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Not Had Surgery, Bilqis Died

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Anindya Bilqis Passa, five patients with biliary atresia, died at General Hospital Center (Dr) Kariadi Semarang. He last breath before she could undergo surgery.

19 month baby died of respiratory failure of organ function, around 15:00, Saturday, April 10, 2010. “As a result of respiratory failure and has not been operated on,” said the mother Bilqis to VIVAnews, Goddess Farida.

During this time, Bilqis undergoing treatment at Dr Kariadi to wait for operations readiness. When Health Minister Endang Rahayu Sedyaningsih see him on 13 March, the weight of 0.2 kilograms Bilqis still lacking. Doctors require a minimum weight 9 pounds during the operation.

While a team of 50 specialists has been set up to handle operations Bilqis. The team of doctors headed by Dr. Yulianto it consists of a surgical specialist, child specialist, a specialist in anesthesia, radiology specialists, laboratory specialists, and hematology specialists.

With operating costs amounting to Rp 800 million up to Rp 1 billion, Bilqis had been due to receive a donor heart from his biological mother. The operation is expected to last for 12-15 hours.