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Stone ‘Gold’ Appears Aceh Post Earthquake

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Mudflow emerged from below sea level in the Islands Many Singkil District, after an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the scale Ricter, Wednesday, April 7, 2010 last.

And the surprise is a blast of sand and lava in Aquatic Haloban. Shot of yellow stone was lifted from the earth. Residents believe that the yellow-colored boulders that contain gold.

Camat Pulo Many, Safnil say, dozens of fishermen Haloban archipelago, diving below the surface as deep as five meters of the ocean near a blast of sand to find gold, since last week.

“I have a few days ago have been to the site to see first hand, people dive into the ocean with sophisticated tools,” said Safnil, when contacted VIVAnews, Tuesday, April 20, 2010.

According Safnil it had warned residents to stay away from the blast of sand and mud, fearing the safety of citizens. But he said, residents are still trying to find a boulder near a blast of gold sand.

Safnil also said it was still awaiting the arrival of a team of researchers from the Department of Mines and Energy of Aceh, and the Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology (BPPT) Center, to investigate the blast of mud mixed with sand.

“Certainty tomorrow they get to the island many, they are on their way now,” he said.

Post-earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale centered at sea Simeulue, a resident of Many Islands, Aceh Singkil were surprised by the discovery of mud mixed with sand in Haloban Sea region, last week.

Semburuan location points are five meters below sea level.

The emergence of the mud flow has also had time panicking residents Haloban islands. The reason, it was rumored new islands will emerge that will menengelamkan other small islands.

Now the location of bursts have been named by local people as ‘Coral Wulawan’ or in a language citizens Haloban called ‘Reef of Gold’.