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Beware … Firefox 3.6 Vulnerable Virus

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German Federal Agency for Computer Security company recommends not using the Mozilla Firefox browser as it is considered vulnerable to virus attacks. Warning delivered since last Friday by the Buerger-CERT, a Federal Office for Security in Information Technology, or the German BSI.

“Buerger-CERT recommends the use of [an] alternative browser until Mozilla released Firefox version 3.6.2,” read the warning quoted from TechWorld.

Buerger-CERT warning is triggered Mozilla Firefox confirmation last Thursday about the vulnerability of version 3.6 which can be used to attack Windows PCs. Mozilla Firefox 3.6 plans to renew before 30 March.

Researcher Russia, Russian Evgeny Legerov in February stated reasons for this vulnerability. Legerov initially refused to provide proof of claim for Mozilla. Mozilla is initially silent, claimed to have obtained enough information from Legerov about his findings.

Buerger’s not yet willing to recommend to move the browser. Two months ago, the agents asked for the use of Internet Explorer after Microsoft admitted there was no vulnerability of the browser.

Both Mozilla and Buerger-CERT notes users can upgrade the beta version of Firefox 3.6.2, which includes the patch, by downloading the Mozilla FTP server. Users are asked to upgrade Firefox 3.6.2 Beta later than three this past weekend.

Germany is the country’s largest users of the Mozilla browser. In February last year, according to consulting firm Fittkau and Maass, the entire open source controls 45.6 percent of the market in Germany, ahead of Internet Explorer with 44.4 percent. Opera, Chrome, Safari and others only get 9.5 percent of open source market.

Firefox 3, including version 3.5 is used nearly 44.2 percent of Internet users in Germany, nearly matching the use of the version of Internet Explorer.