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Rate this post Lifestyle On The Net lifestyle on the net is a lifestyle portal on the net’s oldest and largest in Indonesia, the oldest first time because of this lifestyle portals online since 1999. That was the year I first got to know computers and the Internet. Gosh Reborn now born again with an attractive appearance and with the times. Diverse content and news with a blend of text, video, audio and images. With the content of news about the lifestyle (lifestyle) and entertainment (entertainment). presents the news in several categories, including: Life Style, Cinema, Music, Celebrities, Variety, Video, Zodiac, YourNews, 7Circle and Forums.

Lifestyle 2.0 present information by sharing in some of the menus are easy to explore, the menus are divided into several categories. Inside the Life Style category contains content Culinary, Gadgets, Travel, Games, Sports, Automotive, Fashion & Style, Nightlife & Club and Desire. For Movies, DVD & VCD, Display Glass and gossip can be found in the Cinema menu. Category contains Music Music Music Review and flash, while Celebrities are divided into Artist and Musicians. While there are categories Coffee Variety, Ask Doctor, Seremonia, Poll and More. 7Circle divided into Games, Chat Room, Music and Video.

Now lifestyle on the net has also had a social bookmarking service Your News, you can share news or submit your own story as you wish. To login as using single signon with main portal, so you can use your username in and do not need to register again. Your News social bookmarking service is perfect for this blog is still new, with submits article Your News while also being able to promote our blogs, especially the articles on submit. That means more traffic, let alone lifestyle on the net increasingly many becomes a reference to find information for all walks of life.

LifeStyle On The Net as a lifestyle portal on the net’s largest, highly appropriate as a reference to find information about the lifestyle and entertainment world who are the current trend. One of the lifestyle content aimed at women in order to continue to be admired, you need to listen Trends 2010 Rudy Hadisuwarno information on Lifestyle 2.0. Consider the 2010 makeup trends so as to display the natural charm of the woman who is able to create admiration of everyone to the woman who has always been a symbol of beauty. So .. for you who want to look stylish in 2010, immediately visit lifestyle on the net to listen to the latest trends in incomplete Hadisuwarno Rudy.

Speaking of lifestyle, not complete if it missed the news about the artist. Though so lately infotainment being in the spotlight of various circles, especially after a feud between Luna Maya appeared and infotainment. Even Nadhatul Ulama issued a statement that the preaching infotainment events leading to ghibah and slander is haram, this statement is also supported Din Syamsudin. Din expect infotainment immediately clean up and can be a means pencerdasan, rather than as a place pengumbar disgrace someone. Read more opinions about infotainment Din Syamsudin only in lifestyle portal on the net, Lifestyle 2.0.

There are still a lot of articles and information that we can get from this lifestyle portal, because it presents the news lifestyle on the net the most complete and always up to date. To immediately join the community lifestyle on the net.