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Due Kiss of Death, One Man Lost Tongue

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Marc Schmidt, who was aged 27 years, the claim could not forgive her partner, Tina Mueller. You see, thanks to the kiss scene was inspired anger peaked, Schmidt must be disabled for life.

The incident came to light during the trial, as written in The Sun. It happened around February and then in the territory of German law. At that time, Schmidt came home drunk after watching a carnival British Army garrison in Paderborn.

Perhaps, Schmidt often behave like that. Then, her partner who was eight years older than fury. Mueller then hit the head of Schmidt.

Know if their partner in a state of emotion, Schmidt and began flirting, expressed regret, come home drunk.

Tina Mueller had said his apology was due to hit the head of her lover. Then, he even invites Schmidt kissing. Apparently, the chance that Mueller used to bite his tongue firmly Schmidt. As a result, gave up his senses pengecapannya it!

Kiss “death” it also makes them panic. Schmidt who ran throe about 1,000 yards to his grandmother’s house for help.

However, Mueller even invite their partners back home to try to reattach the piece of tongue as wide as five centimeters long and three centimeters it. Unfortunately, these efforts failed.

Not only that, the doctor who then asked for help was also not successfully reconnect it the tongue piece. The doctor only spent two and a half hours to stitch scar in the remaining part of the tongue.

Meanwhile, Tina Mueller required only 200 days to do social work. It can not be thrown in jail because the law of entrapment is not available for the unique case. Mueller previously had time to write a letter of formal apology by the court to Schmidt. But, the letter was rejected by the victim. “Mueller destroy my life. I can not forgive him, “Schmidt said grimly.

Schmidt, who claimed to be quite upset and afraid to kiss it also sued Mueller to table the judge to pay compensation of £ 87,000.