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3 Additional Lens for Camera iPhone 4

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IPhone Users iPhone 4 and 4S get new accessories from Photojojo gadget accessories maker. That is named iPhone Accessories Lens Dial allows users to get a charming effect when taking photos in camera.

Effect wide angle, telephoto and fish eye to supply the following accessories. The third effect is obtained from 3 different lenses mounted on the body is wrapped in black aluminum.

IPhone users stay put this behind Lens Dial the phone and this tool will get 3 wide angle lens that is 0.7x, 0.33x and 1.5x telephoto fish eye.

To keep changing lenses, users simply rotate the third lens are alternately, so as quoted by TechCrunch, Tuesday (11/22/2011).

Photojojo itself has long made a lens accessories for the iPhone. For those who enjoy experimenting camera with the iPhone  4 and 4S, these accessories can be obtained at a price of USD 249 at the official site Photojojo.



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