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Restoring Self Nation

Restoring Self Nation

Mengembalikan Jati Diri BangsaRestore the national identity, maybe that’s what we need to do now. August 17, yesterday, our nation commemorates the anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Indonesia Indonesia is to 64. In a series of warning is presumably an excellent opportunity to reflect back in order to better understand who we actually are, how the identity of our nation, so what and where the real purpose of this national struggle, and how far the journey towards the ideals of this struggle?

October 20, Yudhoyono and Boediono Assembly was inaugurated as President and Vice President for the period 2009-2014. And two days later SBY-Boediono has inaugurated the United Indonesia Cabinet ministers in Volume II. Dipundak they’re the life of nation and state are determined. Hopefully we are able to restore their national identity, capable of being a leader trustworthy, honest and far from the CCN. Can they fill this freedom with responsibility imposed by the people to them?

If we pull backward the history of this nation, then will we realize that Indonesia is a nation born of a long history in dialectical consciousness. Indonesia is a vast nation that had oppressed and persecuted by the occupation. But the history of suffering and then reawaken our consciousness to unite and stand as an independent nation.

Hopefully SBY-Boediono along with his cabinet, capable of filling independence with concrete actions for the welfare of the nation. Able to restore the national identity, a great nation, an independent nation, without foreign interference and intervention. As the nation’s independence is declared, the text of the proclamation signed by Bung Karno and Bung Hatta on behalf of the Indonesian People’s clear that we do not demand or request the freedom to exclude others, but declared the independence of Indonesia. An attitude that shows our independence as a nation, Indonesia’s Independence Proclamation is a declaration to yourself and the world that Indonesia has been an independent nation.

Next let us take Restoring Identity Nations, by participating to support the campaign which is being promoted Let’s restore national identity, beginning from ourselves and from each of the smallest things …

Remove the chain that binds our nation … Eliminate arbitrarily liver. Eliminate the waste of ignorance … stupid … Let’s change the character of the nation that carries the higher flying Garuda: Wind Honesty, Hard Work Morale and Sense of Love country.

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